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Demo's with Eric , Belgian pastry cook .

From Belgium

Eric Vereecke is the founder of
With 35 years experience as a pastry chef ( use the French word) and the proud owner of "Patisserie Vereecke", these lessons will surely change you!

A step by step guidance enables Eric to share his love for making quality pastry with you. Experience the wonders of professional baking from your very own kitchen. Great way to know secret recipes and tips Eric knows from the wonderful world of European pastry. His love for good food also comes from his origin.Being a Belgian, the land of fine chocolate and beer, it is no wonder this man simply knows what quality pastry is!

Give this a try! Mesmerized your loves ones with these great tips and secret recipes you will learn from these lessons. 
This website teaches you step by step guidance in professional baking   pastry- European style .
Brings out the talent in every individual to be a perfect patissier/ pastry cook .
Surprise your guests and family with delicious pastries .
Demo movies coming for beginners .

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